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  • Not a pizza girl, but loving this one at @vardorestaurant! Simple anchovies, black olives, chilis etc! They’ve got some interesting combinations. Bone marrow and lemon zest is next on my list! 🍕What are your fave pizza toppings?



My name is Leone. I was born in London to South Asian parents and spent my childhood in the Middle East. I’m a journalist by trade, having worked with CNN and BBC for years. My job allowed me to see the world, from the Arctic to South Africa, Shanghai to LA. I’ve had the privilege of meeting the most fascinating people. I’ve covered everything from the death of Osama bin Laden and the first Egyptian elections post-Mubarak, to Kobe Bryant’s comeback after injury and John Travolta’s life as a pilot.

Along the way, I’ve been introduced to people, cultures and cuisine around the globe.

A few years ago, I busted my knee and had to go in for surgery. The rehabilitation was long. I was grounded and couldn’t travel. While I was recovering, I felt the need to exercise my creative juices. Since I’m a ravenous foodie, I decided to give cooking a go.

I started breaking down “chef-y” recipes, making a few of my own, and sharing my experiences in this vlog. I lean towards Middle Eastern recipes with a South Asian twist because of my background, but all bold flavors tickle my taste buds.

As a TV person, the visual aspect of the vlog is crucial to me. I film all the videos on my phone and add my favorite photographs of the week and set them against foot-stomping beats. The “beats” are another one of my passions. I always wanted to be a DJ; an ambition which I have yet to achieve. Still, that’s not stopping me from sharing my unorthodox cooking music on Savory Sounds.

Over time, Not Just Falafs emerged as a vlog that marries my love for food, photos & music. The name of the vlog comes from a deli I passed daily near my office in London. It was called “Just Falafs”. Here, I’d like to take you on a journey that goes beyond “falafs”.

This is my culinary experience. My goal is to create a visual feast with international flavors that’s fun to watch and cook along with. I hope you enjoy it!

— Leone

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  1. Usman

    I like it!!

  2. -

    One word: passion for food, love for life, unstoppable curiosity, generous creativity. You’re a gem. Thank you Leone.

  3. -

    I just made your Shakshuka recipe, as I was craving eggs for dinner. It was so yummy! Do you eat it with a side (bread, rice etc)? I had it with some bread as I made it a bit too spicy!

    • -

      Yes!! Toast on the side or pita bread are a lovely way to mop up all that yummy sauce!

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