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  • 🥬 A wall of lettuce at the @verticalharvest greenhouse farm last week. As you know, I’m quite intrigued by urban farms. This one has two main purposes: it grows veg all year in a town where the climate is too harsh for farming. ❤️ It also has a social mission: more than half its employees have differing abilities — conditions such as Down syndrome, autism and spina bifida or physical difficulties. You absolutely wouldn’t know it though. All the employees are perfecting their skills in a nascent industry, which they can take with them. 
I’m working on this story - keep you posted! 🥬 
Ps. That’s my buddy Beau, an über-fab cameraman in Slide 2. And that’s our friend Mycah in Slide 3, who was one of our guides! She’s all about women empowerment. Katy Perry’s “Roar” is her theme song! And boy does Mycah ROAR! 🐅
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